Church Of Satan Gives ‘SATANIC’ Reply To Young Guy Who Desperately Wants To Get Rich

A young man got a reply from the dreaded Church of Satan after he asked them on how to join the Illuminati.

This young man on Twitter whose handle is @Alongeh2 took to the platform to make known his desire to become a member of the Illuminati.

“@ChurchofSatan How do I join the Illuminati?? I wanna get rich!”, he tweeted.

The Church of Satan through their twitter handle replied the young man advising him to go and read a book to become enlightened.

“Illuminati basically means “enlightened” so read a book educate yourself and poof! You are now enlightened. As a bonus, educating yourself is also a good step towards getting a job which can lead to getting rich. Good luck”, they tweeted.

Here is what transpired;

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