My girlfriend still gets cash from her ex, what do I do?

A Nigerian man has taken to a Nigerian forum to write on the dilemma he is facing in his relationship as his girlfriend still receives cash gifts from her ex and he is so confused on how to handle the situation.

Taking to Nairaland, he wrote that the lady is the one that reaches out to the ex, and he is always under pressure to do more for her anytime she does that.

He is however seeking help on how to handle this.

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My Girlfriend still reaches out to her Ex Boyfriend for financial assistance. I admit it gets me really upset. I want the best for her and want her to grow financially, but I feel help from an Ex is going too far and quite disrespectful.

Please advise, guys, is my anger justified and reasonable?

This shiiiiit messes with my mind. One said thing that happens is this: Most times when he gives her cash, I find myself competing unconsciously to double or triple the said sum.

It’s a bad habit. And I cannot continue doing that to my pocket and mind

Well, his post was met with mixed reactions. As some people advised that he leaves her, others are of the opinion she is a girl he can trust since she brings the issue to his awareness.

What do you think he should do?

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