Simi apologizes to her fans for disorganization at her “Live in Lagos” concert yesterday

Nigerian singer, Simi had her highly anticipated “Live in Lagos” concert yesterday but some of her fans who were present at the venue were faced with a bit of disappointment at the start of the event and to this effect, the singer has come out to apologize.

The Live in Lagos concert was held at The Balmoral Convention Center in Lagos and was slated for 06:00pm but according to reports, she wasn’t present, not until about five hours later – this coupled with disorganization at the event, left her audience disappointed.

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As she apologized, the singer Simi revealed that the mishap wasn’t intentional as there was an event that took place the previous night and so it was not so possible for her team to organize and set up the venue in so short a time.

Taking to Twitter to tender her apology, the singer wrote,

“I’m sorrry I’m probably more upset than everyone, but I accept responsibility.

There was a show here the night before and it took forever to clear out and set up. I didn’t have time to soundcheck. I apologize.

That said, I’m so thankful to every1 that came and stayed”

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