Nigerian couple use American flag colours for their wedding ceremony

Mr and Mrs Richard tied the knot recently and while many other couples choose a theme that show cases their culture, heritage and uniqueness, the Richards chose to display their love for the American flag. The groom identified as Don Richardo Eyo Inyang on Facebook rocked an American flag designed suit, while his bride looked gorgeous in her white wedding dress.

Interestingly, their wedding cake was also designed in the same pattern as the American flag, showing that they either have a strong love for the country or have a special liking for the president, Donald Trump.

Although Don Richardo are Nigerians who are currently residing in Nigeria, it appears they have plans to live the country and relocate to the America. Wouldn't be such a terrible idea, seeing as they are already drawn to the flag.

See photo:

The couple also had the same design for their cake and there's no arguing that America is dear to the couple.

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