Ex Nigerian Soldier Looks Unrecognizable After Relocating Abroad(Photos)

Obtained pictures of a former Nigerian Soldier who resigned from army after fighting Boko Haram terrorists for many years.  This is  trending online after  the killing of over 100 soldiers recently by Boko Haram terrorists  in Metele, Guzamala Local Government Area, Borno state last Sunday evening.

When he was in Nigeria

According to an online report, the ex-soldier who hails from Mbano local government area of Imo state, decided to join the army few years ago and was heartbroken after seeing some of colleagues and friends killed in the forest while fighting terrorists.  The soldiers have been complaining of being equipped with inferior weapons which is causing the deaths of so many troops.

The young man decided to leave the military and search for greener pastures abroad where he is currently based.  His pictures surfaced online recently as he looks unrecognisable to when he was in the military.     The number of soldiers who were killed during the recent Boko Haram attack has reportedly increased to 118.  While responding to reports in the media, the Nigerian Army issued a statement saying that the number of casualties published on social media is false.

In Abroad

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