Drama As Woman Refuses To Kiss Her Fiance During Their Court Wedding At Ikoyi Registry

A woman has caused quite a scene after she refused to kiss her fiance during their court wedding in Lagos.

The woman was getting married to her fiance when the drama unfolded after she refused to kiss him.

Drama began shortly after the exchange of vows and before signing their marriage certificate at the Ikoyi Registry on Saturday Nov 17th.

The woman and her man were asked to kiss and hug to formalize the union which is a norm and shouldn't be a problem. However the woman completely refused to kiss her husband.

Witnesses revealed that the woman explained that hugging and kissing in public is forbidden in her church. Even though observers begged her to proceed to kiss her man, the woman was adamant as court officials tried to explain the importance of the kiss.

Her refusal to kiss her husband delayed the ceremony for close to 20 minutes as the court registrars also refused to go further with the ceremony.

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